Expert Service Available for Brake Service in Birmingham, AL

You may have heard a familiar adage that life can happen pretty fast, and if you are on the road, then you want to make sure that you are able to stop quickly when that light turns red or the car in front of you slams on their brakes with no warning. That is why having your brakes at the top of their game is so important. If you live in the Hoover area and have questions concerning your brakes and brake service, then stop by Brannon Honda. Our service center is filled with skilled technicians who have a thorough knowledge about brakes.

When it comes to your safety out on the roads of Birmingham and surrounding areas, you don’t want to take any chances. That’s why, when you need brake service, you should trust the team at Brannon Honda’s service center to take great care of you, your passengers, and your vehicle by paying expert attention to your car’s most important line of defense.

Our skilled technicians know all there is to know about brakes – how they work, what adversely affects their performance, when it’s time to replace parts. When you visit the service center at Brannon Honda for brake service, they will inspect, diagnose, offer recommendations, and make any necessary repairs to your vehicle’s brakes in a timely manner and at an extremely reasonable price. You will leave our shop with the confidence of knowing that your brake system is at the top of its game.

You can also trust that our service department staff won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. If your brake inspection shows nothing is wrong, then you can count on that assessment. That’s just a part of the commitment to excellent customer service that is at the heart of every interaction you’ll have at Brannon Honda.

And because our customers’ safety is of utmost importance to us, we make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to bring your car in for brake service so that you won’t let a potentially dangerous problem put you and your loved ones at risk. You can schedule a service appointment online for a time that fits into your busy schedule. Our service staff works quickly and efficiently – but also diligently, so that nothing is overlooked. You’ll be back on the road in no time, with brakes that you can trust to stop on a dime.

Do Your Brakes Need Service?

You are the best judge of whether or not something about your vehicle feels “off.” If it does, you should take it seriously and head to Brannon Honda as soon as possible for an expert assessment. This is even more important when it comes to your brake system, because safety on the road depends heavily on your ability to come to a complete stop at a moment’s notice.

That said, there are some tell-tale signs and symptoms that your brakes may be in need of service. Some of the most common complaints are squealing, screeching, or squeaking; grinding, shaking, or vibrating; and decreased responsiveness. If it takes more pressure on the pedal for your vehicle to slow or stop, that’s a clear indication that you need to get to Brannon Honda’s service center.

No matter what tips you off to your need for brake work, it’s important to trust your gut. Schedule service today and safeguard yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.

Schedule Brake Service at Brannon Honda

Knowledge is power, and now that you have better knowledge of your brake system, don’t hesitate to seek the proper care for your brakes. If you live in Hoover and are looking for a reputable service center, then there is only one place to go - Brannon Honda. Our team of technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and get to work on your car. Schedule an appointment with our team today!

Have Questions?

How do brakes function?

Drivers understand that their brakes stop their car, but they may not truly understand how they function. The brakes are activated by stepping down on the brake pedal, which presses a lever on the piston inside the master cylinder. Inside the cylinder is hydraulic fluid which goes through pipes around the brake system that causes pressure which initiates the friction around the pads and rotors causing the brake to stop your vehicle.

What exactly is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is basically hydraulic fluid within the brake system, which causes pressure around the brakes to stop the tires, and essentially your vehicle from moving.

How often do I need to get my brake fluid changed?

How often you change your brake fluid truly depends on the manufacturer, the age of your vehicle, as well as how often you use your brakes. Be sure to read your vehicle’s manual as it will determine how often you should change your brake fluid.

What is a brake inspection?

As you can see above, there is an intricate system involved within the brakes. There can be a variety of issues causing the brake to not work properly. When you take in your car for an inspection, the experts at Brannon Honda can determine whether the issue is a result of low brake fluid, worn brake pads, or some other underlying issue.

Can I replace my own brakes?

There are so many variables in the brake system that it is best to keep brake service in the hands of the experts. You can rely on the service team at Brannon Honda, so schedule a time to visit our service center today.

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