Brake Service in Birmingham, AL

If your vehicle needs reliable brake service in Birmingham, Alabama, our experts are ready to take care of it for you. At Brannon Honda, our team has the equipment and expertise needed to keep your brakes in reliable shape, and we’ll make sure that this essential safety system is always ready for the road ahead. We keep our service prices low and quality high, so when it’s time for brake service, bring your car to our auto shop in Birmingham.

When Do Brakes Need Maintenance?

Brakes have to perform reliably every time you leave your driveway, and all that driving use on hills, stop-and-go traffic, and constant use will eventually wear down the components that bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Wear and tear are a part of normal driving, and it takes expert maintenance to keep your brakes in good condition. As your brakes endure wear, they may show some warning signs that it’s time for service, so look out for these key indicators:

  • Grinding sound or feeling
  • The wheels make a screeching or whining noise
  • The steering wheel vibrates when braking
  • Irresponsive or slack response from the brake pedal
  • Vibrating, shaking, or rattling sensations during braking
  • The brake warning light comes on

Every situation can be different, and there may be other signs that your vehicle needs maintenance. If you ever think that there could be an issue with your car’s brakes, don’t ignore it. Driving on bad brakes will only make the problem worse, so let us provide the brake service you need at our brake shop in Birmingham.

Find Professional Brake Service at Brannon Honda

Whenever it’s time for expert brake service, you’ll find it for a great price at our Birmingham auto shop. Schedule brake service with Brannon Honda for professional maintenance you can count on. You’re also welcome to contact us to learn more about our services, and our team can answer all your brake and maintenance questions. Our service center is conveniently located here in Birmingham at 300 Gadsden Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35235.

Have Questions?

How do brakes function?

Drivers understand that their brakes stop their car, but they may not truly understand how they function. The brakes are activated by stepping down on the brake pedal, which presses a lever on the piston inside the master cylinder. Inside the cylinder is hydraulic fluid which goes through pipes around the brake system that causes pressure which initiates the friction around the pads and rotors causing the brake to stop your vehicle.

What exactly is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is basically hydraulic fluid within the brake system, which causes pressure around the brakes to stop the tires, and essentially your vehicle from moving.

How often do I need to get my brake fluid changed?

How often you change your brake fluid truly depends on the manufacturer, the age of your vehicle, as well as how often you use your brakes. Be sure to read your vehicle’s manual as it will determine how often you should change your brake fluid.

What is a brake inspection?

As you can see above, there is an intricate system involved within the brakes. There can be a variety of issues causing the brake to not work properly. When you take in your car for an inspection, the experts at Brannon Honda can determine whether the issue is a result of low brake fluid, worn brake pads, or some other underlying issue.

Can I replace my own brakes?

There are so many variables in the brake system that it is best to keep brake service in the hands of the experts. You can rely on the service team at Brannon Honda, so schedule a time to visit our service center today.

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